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Trusted Housesitters - What to ask Trusted Housesitter homeowners

Are you not sure what to ask the THS home owners when committing to a sit?

Here are some simple questions to cover so you can be sure that the sit is a good fit for you. These questions will also ensure you have everything you need to know before the homeowners head away.

Prior to accepting a house sit, I suggest setting up a video call with the homeowners. A video call is better than an audio call because you will usually be able to see the home and be introduced to your new furry friends if they are around too!

We have found that at the end of the call, most homeowners will ask if you have any questions. And for our first few sits, we totally mind blanked!

Now after completing over 16 Trusted Housesitters sits around the world, we thought it would be useful to share the set of questions we usually cover to ensure we know exactly what expect from the sit.

Go ahead and click download for your FREE set of questions to ask THS homeowners.

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Eva featuring Dexter and Tim featuring Charlie!