Our Story

Hello Fellow Travellers! 

Welcome to Make Cents of Travel. 

We are Tim and Eva, a couple of kiwis who after tying the knot in Queenstown in February 2022, packed up our home in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne, Australia. At this time, covid was still the talk of the town and coincidentally, the day we moved countries happened to be the exact day that the covid cases in New Zealand exceeded the number of covid cases in Victoria. Talk about perfect timing!  

After just over one year of indulging in far too much delicious food, becoming full-blown Melburnian coffee snobs (we are missing our oat milk lattes!) and exploring some of the best sights and activities Melbourne has to offer, all while saving up as many pennies as possible, we are absolutely fizzing to be headed off on our next adventure. We have put our professional jobs on hold to pursue our dream of exploring the world together during these post-covid (fingers-crossed!) times.

We started Make Cents of Travel to inspire fellow wanderlust souls to quit their boring 9 to 5 job to travel long-term. If you have made the decision to travel long-term, congratulations! If you are still sitting on the fence about whether long-term travel would suit you or not, tune in for our real-life content to help you decide! Once you have decided you want to travel long-term, the biggest hurdle is saving enough money to be able to fund your adventures. 

It can be daunting knowing where to start when planning and saving for long-term travel, which is why we wanted to share our journey on how we made our dream of travelling the world come true by implementing savvy savings strategies that were creative, practical and non-restrictive (I promise you we won’t tell you that you must eat two-minute noodles every day to save enough money to travel!) Life is all about balance in our opinion!

At times it was not easy to stick to our savings goals, but I can assure you it has been totally worth it now that we are reaping the benefits of those savings globetrotting our way around the world. 

Come along on the adventure with us, as we explore our little blue dot. We will be publishing regular blog posts packed full of real-life budget breakdowns, mistakes we make along the way so you can avoid making the same mistakes and inspirational travel content that will have you booking your tickets and packing your bags ASAP!

We look forward to helping you make cents of travel so you too can live your best life jet-setting across this incredible place we call home - planet earth! 

Much love,

Eva & Tim