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Detailed Guide To The Christmas Markets In Luxembourg 2023

22 Dec, 2023

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Eva Mitchell

The Christmas Markets in Luxembourg are a must visit! We spent an evening at the markets in December 2023 and had the best time ice-skating, indulging in delicious market food and drinking our fair share of gluhwein! The Christmas markets are family-friendly with activities, food and drink for all ages to enjoy. If you are planning on going to the Luxembourg Christmas markets, you will find everything you need to know in this detailed guide to the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg. 

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Where are the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

There are five Christmas Market locations spread across Luxembourg for you to enjoy. 

1. Place d’Armes: Luxembourg City Christmas market - Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart

This is the largest of the Christmas markets in Luxembourg. There are many stalls selling, gluhwein, food and souvenirs. The atmosphere is buzzing, with children riding the merry-go-round, the music is pumping and everyone is enjoying themselves with a gluhwein in hand.

2. Place de Paris: St Nicholas Market – Niklosmaart

St Nicholas Market is split between two sides of the tram tracks at the Place de Paris. They have cute boot-shaped gluhwein mugs here that I had to get! There is a relaxing festive feel to the market.

3. Municipal Park: Wanterpark 

Wanterpark is the place to go in Luxembourg for a spot of ice skating. There is a large temporary outdoor ice-skating rink set up that we had a whirl around. A great spot to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

4. Place de la Constitution: Wantermaart – Winter Market 

This market is located right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the impressive valley that runs through Luxembourg. Wantermaart features a stunning ferris wheel, a gorgeous Christmas tree and lots of food options including the best Austrian spinach dumplings that are an absolute must-try!

5. Place Guillaume II: Winterkids

This is a small family-friendly Christmas market created with children in mind. You may like to pop by if you have kids, otherwise I would give this one a miss. 

Here's a tip:

Public transport is FREE in Luxembourg, making it easy to get into and make your way between the Christmas markets in Luxembourg.

What dates are the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg open in 2023?

Luxembourg turns into a winter wonderland from the 24th November 2023 to the 7th January 2024 (the markets are closed on Christmas day, 25th December). 

What times are the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg open?

Daily Luxembourg Christmas Market open times:

  • Sunday to Thursday 11:00 – 21:00
  • Fridays and Saturdays 11:00 to 22:00 

If the vendors are in a festive mood, you may find that the Luxembourg Christmas markets remaining open for an extra hour or so past the official closing time stated above. 

What is the best time of the day to go to the Luxembourg Christmas Markets?

The best time to visit the Christmas Markets is just after dark. It feels more festive with the twinkling Christmas lights, the Christmas tunes pumping and everyone sharing a mulled wine from cute festive mugs. 


Where to stay in Luxembourg for the Christmas Markets?

We stayed at this affordable hotel not far from the city centre. It’s always more festive feeling when you stay in the middle of a Christmas Market town however city centres are expensive. If you are on a budget, staying anywhere in Luxembourg with easy access to the public transport links will work perfectly! Especially because the public transport is FREE! 

We found this room in Luxembourg to be cost effective, in a great location, spacious and comfortable. 

What was the atmosphere like at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg at Christmas time is magical! Despite the Christmas markets in Luxembourg being on the smaller side compared to some of the bigger hitters around Europe, it sure does pack a punch!

Every market had music pumping, Christmas lights sparkling and gluhwein flowing. We visited the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg on a Wednesday evening and found them to be the perfect amount of busy. We didn’t have to wait in line for food any more than a couple minutes and the food being served was fresh and tasty.

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What food is available and how much does it cost at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg? 

 The Luxembourg Christmas markets had a variety of food to pick from. There were your usual Christmas market suspects like a variety of sausages, woodfired salmon, potato pancakes (Gromperekichelcher), fresh pretzels, churros, waffles, crepes and gingerbread. 


Our favourite food we tried was this delicious Austrian spinach dumpling at the Wantermaart Christmas market. It was 10/10, you have to try one!  We also sampled a bowl of tartiflette, which is sliced potatoes cooked with raclette cheese, bacon, onions and a creamy sauce.Mmm hmm! 

Cost of Food at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets 2023.

Potato Pancakes (3 pack)€7
Chimney Cake€4
Spinach Dumplings *Our fave€5

Note that the prices displayed in the table are starting prices for the most basic versions of each food type (i.e. a salted pretzel). 

What gifts and souvenirs can you buy at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg? 

You can find everything from warm winter accessories to cute cookie cutters, toys,  and wooden cheese boards. We didn’t find the Christmas Markets in Luxemburg to have a huge selection of Christmas decorations to choose from but there were a few stalls selling some.

In our humble opinion, the best souvenir you can take home with you from the Luxembourg Christmas Markets is a festive Christmas mug anyway! 


What Mugs are available at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

The most important question of all! I was so excited when I found out that each Christmas market in Europe has their own mug you can purchase or borrow for your gluhwein. Usually, you will pay anywhere from a €3 deposit on the mug to drink your gluhwein. When you are finished you can either return your mug to the vendor to receive your deposit money back or you can take your mug home with you. 

I had been dreaming about getting a boot-shaped mug and had no luck in Germany securing this prized item. Then I walked into the Niklosmaart Market and Boom! I found one straight away! Needless to say, I was absolutely stoked with my find and had to take it home as a souvenir. 

The Luxembourg Christmas markets have a wonderful collection of Gluhwein mugs. Everything from boot-shaped mugs to love heart mugs, even snowmen mugs and many more traditional shaped mugs decorated with stunning festive details. If you are looking for the perfect festive mug, then the Luxembourg Christmas markets are the place to look! 

Here's a tip:

The best Gluhwein mugs are at the Niklosmaart market at Place de Paris and the Luxembourg City Christmas market at Place d’Armes.


Is the gluhwein good at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

After already attending the Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf markets in Germany and drinking my share of gluhwein, I would rate the gluhwein at the Luxembourg Christmas markets a 10/10. The best gluhwein was served from a big pot at the Place’ de arms Christmas Market. It had a deep spicey festive flavour to it from the added raisins and spices it was brewing in. We also tried a gluhwein with a shot of amaretto in it and oh my gosh, it was delicious! 

The price of a gluhwein at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets started at around €4.

Do I need to take cash to the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

Yes, it would be best to take cash to the Christmas markets. We found most stall holders would accept card payment however it’s best to be safe and take some euros along. 

What do I wear to the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

Make sure you wrap up with all you winter woollies because winter in Luxembourg is cold. The average temperature in Luxembourg in December is between 3 to 6oC. Thank goodness for gluhwein to warm up your hands and heart! We wore a base layer, jersey and jacket with warm pants and a scarf with gloves. This combination kept us nice and toasty throughout the evening. 

Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella with you in case it is wet. 


What is the best Christmas Market in Luxembourg in 2023? 

My personal favourite was the main market, Luxembourg City Christmas market at Place d’Armes. This was the biggest market of the four and had the most festive feel with the decorations and lighting throughout the market. 

We did enjoy the ice skating at the Wanterpark Christmas Market but found there were very few stalls there. It would be a nice spot to grab a gluhwein to drink as there were plenty of tables to stand and sit around while you watch the ice-skaters zoom around the outdoor rink.

All of the Christmas markets in Luxembourg are easily reachable by foot or public transport, making it doable to visit every single one in an evening. 

Are the Luxembourg Christmas Markets worth going to? 

Yes! Despite Luxembourg being a small country, I felt like their Christmas markets were really fun to check out for a night. What they lacked in the souvenir department, they did make up for in their fabulous range of gluhwein mugs available. Luxembourg is also a great midway point to break up a long trip between Germany, France, Switzerland or Belgium. 


What can I do in Luxembourg in Winter during the daytime?

Luxembourg is a gorgeous city, that contrasts between the old and the new.  The best thing to do in Luxembourg during the daytime is to wander through the old town down in the valley. It is like a fairytale town, the buildings are beautiful, the bridges are magnificent and the river peacefully flows through the middle of the town. If you walk far enough along, you will discover the Castmates which are tunnels built into the hillside. If you want to go inside the Castmates, you will need a ticket.  

I hope this detailed Guide to the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg 2023 has answered all of your questions and given you inspiration to make the trip to Luxembourg in the winter.  Celebrate the Christmas season with delicious food, yummy gluhwein in the festive winter wonderland of Luxembourg. If you have any burning questions, comment below and I will answer them as fast as I can. 

Merry Christmas and safe travels! 😊 

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