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The Best Budget Cave Hotels in Cappadocia 2024

13 Mar, 2024

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Eva Mitchell

When I was looking into accommodation options in Goreme, Cappadocia I came across multiple cave rooms advertised and decided we just HAD TO stay in one! My first thought was, can we actually afford to stay in a cave hotel on our low budget or was I just dreaming? After some further research, I found the answer was YES! It turns out there are many budget cave hotel options available in Goreme that are incredibly affordable. 

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During our visit to the Cappadocia region of Turkey in July 2023, we decided to base ourselves in the small town of Goreme and spent four incredible nights in this otherworldly region.

We thought it would be fun to experience two different budget cave hotels during our time in Cappadocia. 

The first two nights we spent at Goreme Ascension Cave Suites and the following two nights we spent at the Adora Cave Suites. Here is my review of each budget cave hotel and the one we enjoyed the most! 

Keep in mind, the prices we paid for accommodation then were indicative of peak summer pricing. It is important to note that the Turkish lira has fluctuated a lot over the past year.

Where to stay in Cappadocia?

Goreme is the most convenient place to stay in Cappadocia and the best town to witness the magical sunrise. Every morning, over 100 hot air balloons drift through the valleys surrounding the town and some even fly over Goreme itself. You will find that many cave hotels include viewing terraces for you to relax on in the morning to view the balloons floating right overhead. 


When considering where to stay in Cappadocia, you should have an idea of what you want to experience in the area. Many of the day tours leave from Goreme, making it a handy location to be based. There are multiple beautiful valleys, museums, other towns and underground cities not far from Goreme that are easily accessible by via foot, bus, taxi or car. There is no shortage of restaurants in Goreme where you can get a taste of traditional Turkish food, our favourite restaurant was Topdeck cave restaurant. Hmm mmm! 

Are Cave Hotels Worth It?

100% Yes! Staying in a cave hotel is such a unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. Goreme has the best selection of affordable cave hotels, making this unique accommodation experience accessible to travellers from all budgets. 

Want to know how affordable it is to travel Turkey in peak season?


Our 3 month Europe trip budget breakdown

Goreme Cave Hotel 1: Goreme Ascension Cave Suites

Room: Economy Cave Room 116

Cost per night:  $100.50aud (July 2023)


The overall room vibe: 8/10

When you enter your cave room, you are greeted with romantic lighting lining the bed and pretty mosaic lamps adorning each sandstone bedside table. You literally feel like you are sleeping in a cave (a fancy one!) The whole room is lined with sandstone with visible carving marks all over.

To the side of the bed there is a small area with a desk, chair and mirror for you to get ready in the morning. Perched in the corner of the cave room was a vintage sitting chair and a solid couch that we utilised to store our suitcases during our stay. 

The room featured a small closet with hangers, however the closet was not big enough to hang long dresses. You will find a heat pump in this budget cave hotel room that we didn’t need to turn it on the entire time. Because of the cave structure, the temperature inside the cave was much cooler than outside making it the perfect recluse at the end of the day, especially after walking the valleys in the glaring sun!

The only window to the cave room is a small window located above the door. Having minimal windows gave this cave room a private, low-noise, cosy, cave-like feel that we loved. 

Bathroom: 8/10

The bathroom was basic but functional. It featured a shower over bath with the option of an overhead or side shower head. This style of shower can be slippery getting in and out of the shower, so you do have to be careful. The bathroom was clean but not sparkling clean.  

The bathroom offered a built-in hairdryer that had satisfactory blowing power to dry my hair. 

The bed: 9/10

The bed was extremely comfy! It was certainly one of the better beds we have slept in on our travels through Europe. 

Breakfast: 9/10

Goreme Ascension Cave Suites put on an amazing spread for breakfast each morning. There was a section of drinks including juice, tea, coffee and water. A Turkish breakfast buffet style spread with hot food like scrambled eggs, onion rings and sausages.


They had a huge section offering many spreads, cheeses, and salads, then a sweets table loaded up with delicious desserts and fresh fruit. My only criticism would be that they could offer a more suitable bread to go with the dips as the only bread available at the buffet was plain bread buns. 

This budget cave hotel provides the perfect indoor and outdoor seating areas to enjoy your breakfast with a stunning view over Goreme

Facilities: 8/10

Wi-Fi – We had some issues getting the Wi-Fi to work when we first arrived, but the staff helped us sort it quickly. The Wi-Fi was strong enough to make a video call with no issues and it remained consistent during our stay. There is Wi-Fi available throughout the property, so you can stay connected whether you are out on the cushioned balcony, in your room or up for breakfast.

Unfortunately, the room we selected at this budget cave hotel did not include a fridge. Not a biggie as it meant we slept well with no fridge droning in the background. If you are like me and prefer to drink chilled water when it is over 30°C outside, there are shops close by where you can find chilled water bottles.   

The service/staff: 10/10

Goreme Acsension Cave Suites offers daily housekeeping. It was lovely to have fresh towels, a top up of water and the bed made for when you get back from the day’s adventures.   

Adora Cave Suites is one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia if you want to experience true Turkish hospitality. The staff were very warm and friendly. We felt like they were always there to help should anything crop up. They were quick to rectify the Wi-Fi issue when we first arrived, which we appreciated immensely. 

The hotel common areas: 7/10

Goreme Ascension Cave Suites has a selection of outdoor areas where you can sit and chill. One of our favourite spots was the cushioned terrace overlooking the town. This budget cave hotel has an nice outdoor space with a bar where you can relax with a drink or shisha (₺400). 

The hotel location: 9/10

This budget cave hotel is located up the hill from the centre of Goreme town. It is only 100 m below the popular sunset lookout point. During our stay at Goreme Ascension Cave Suites, we didn’t have the opportunity to see what the view was like from the cave hotel terrace during sunrise because we were in one of the hot air balloons that morning! I would say it it is safe to assume you would see the hot air balloons floating through Goreme from the terrace but there appeared to be a lot of people up there. 

My overall judgement of Goreme Ascension Cave Suites, Economy Cave Room: 68/80

We absolutely loved our cave hotel stay! This was such a unique stay and really gave us the full experience of sleeping in a cave with the luxuries of a regular hotel room. Goreme Ascension Cave Suites is one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia to stay at if you are on a budget but want to experience staying in a cave room.

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couple running in Sahara Desert

Goreme Cave Hotel 2: Adora Cave Suites 

Room: Deluxe Double Room

Cost per night: $146.50aud (July 2023)


The overall room vibe: 10/10

The deluxe double room at Adora Cave Suites is absolutely gorgeous. From the moment you step into the room, you feel at home. The arched sandstone ceilings and decorative carved wall above the bed radiate a luxurious feel. Atop the wooden bed side tables were colourful mosaic lamps that added to the ambiance of the place. This budget cave hotel room was almost double the size of the Adora Cave Suites cave room. We opted for this room to compare what it feels like to be in a cave room that has windows. 

The queen sized bed was at one end of the room, a coffee table sat in the middle and then a massive cushioned seating area spread from one side of the wall to the other underneath the two large windows at the opposite end of the room. Being a room with windows, we did find that this room was a little noisier than our previous cave hotel room.

A small cubby with a mirror was off to the side of the room however it did not have a power point nearby. There was also a cute fireplace in the room, I’m not sure if it is functional or not as we most certainly didn’t require any heating in the middle of July!

The one thing we did notice was that the room did not have any air-conditioning however we found the room remained at a reasonably comfortable temperature during our stay despite the outside temps exceeding 30°C!


The bathroom: 9/10

The bathroom in the Deluxe Double Room was a decent size and exceptionally clean. There was a walk-in shower with overhead and side showerhead options. The vanity was large with plenty of space to spread out your toiletries. I didn’t particularly fancy the frosted glass door into the bathroom, it was aesthetically pleasing but offered minimal privacy. 

The bed: 8/10

The bed was not quite as comfortable as the previous cave hotel, it was just a little too firm for my liking. But hey, everyone has their own preferences, this bed may suit you better if you are all about a firm mattress!

The breakfast: 9/10

Adora Cave Suites offered a fantastic Turkish breakfast spread with set portions that covered our entire table. They offered eggs your way and the view from the outdoor breakfast area was epic!


There was a selection of self-serve drinks inside to choose from. There was also indoor seating as an option for breakfast if you preferred. Every morning we were absolutely stuffed after breakfast and ended up skipping lunch both days because we were still so full! 

Facilities: 9/10

The Wi-Fi was easy to connect to and the signal was strong across the whole cave hotel, from our room to the top observatory deck. Unlike Goreme Ascension Cave Suites, this cave hotel room did include a small fridge to keep water cold. As mentioned above, this budget cave hotel did provide a hairdryer however it was broken when we arrived. Luckily the staff made sure I still had access to a hairdryer. 

The service/staff: 8/10

The staff were pleasant and helpful. They were happy to hold our bags prior to check in and even let us check in slightly earlier than we expected. We had an issue with hairdryer not working on the first evening, they couldn’t fix it that night as it was too late but kindly offered me an alterative room to dry my hair in as I had already washed it. 

Here's a tip:

Check the hairdryer works BEFORE washing your hair!.

The hotel common areas: 10/10

Adora Cave Suites has multiple outdoor terraces, an indoor lounge and many cute seating areas to relax on varying levels of the complex. One evening, we took the opportunity to enjoy sunset together over a glass of wine on the gorgeous, pillowed terrace. We also woke up early to see the hot air balloons floating overhead, it was just magical and one of our most memorable experiences! 


Hotel location: 9/10

This budget cave hotel is conveniently located just off the main street of Goreme. Its central location makes it one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia with a hot air balloon view! Roll out of bed just on sunrise and head on up to the top terrace for the best viewing spot. 

My overall judgement of Adora Cave Suites: drum roll please.... 72/80

We would 100% stay at the Adora Cave Suites again! This stunning cave hotel was an absolute treat to experience. Adora Cave Suites is one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia you can nab for under €100. Everything from the luxurious cave room vibes to the full Turkish breakfast spread and incredible views of the hot air balloons on the pillowed terrace, it was all worth every dollar!

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Which budget cave hotel was the best? 

It was a tough choice deciding which budget cave hotel was the best. I have added up the overall scores for each hotel and Adora Cave Suites came out slightly on top.

We would book both Adora Cave Suites or Goreme Ascension Cave Suites again in a heartbeat! Both budget cave hotels provided us with an unforgettable experience in such a beautiful location and allowed us to create memories that will stick with us forever!

It is possible to book a room in a Goreme cave hotel for an incredibly affordable price and in my opinion, totally worth it for the unique experience!

If you have any questions about our stay in either budget cave hotel or what there is to see and do in Cappadocia, feel free to drop me a comment below and I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

Important Note: During our 3 weeks in Turkey, the country was experiencing hyperinflation, which means prices are constantly changing. The prices stated in this article were indicative of what we paid in July 2023 having booked the budget cave hotels through at a discounted price because of our silver tier membership.

Safe travels 😊 

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